Docket #02: Feast v. Ravenous

November 27, 2014


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, it's the battle of the people eaters. Chupacabra-like beasts of 2005's Feast face off against the 1999 characters in Ravenous, who portray mid-19th century soldiers battling their desire for human flesh. Which fate is worse? Dying at the hands of a brutal monster, designed to hunt and kill humans, or at the hands of your fellow man? Judge Darren Ewing presides once again to make the determination. During the case, the crew takes you through the basics of the films, laying out their arguments in strategic fashion, while peppering in arbitrary facts about bears.

Next month Horror in the Court will put Christmas spirit on trial as Silent Night, Deadly Night gets pitted against Jack Frost to determine which film successfully taints the memory of our most beloved holiday characters.

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