Docket #03: A Nightmare on Elm Street v. Friday the 13th Part II

February 7, 2015


We've all had the classic "who would win" versus arguments: Batman vs. Superman, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, and of course Freddy vs. Jason. But the Horror in the Court trio takes a new spin on the Freddy vs. Jason debate, pitting these 80's slasher icons against one another in the court of horror for Judge Darren Ewing to decide which icon best represents his franchise with their inaugural film. Do Freddy Krueger's haunting claws slash their way to victory, or does Jason Voorhees, the MacGyver of the macabre, reign as the horror icon of horror icons? Listen. Find out. Enjoy.

Docket #02: Feast v. Ravenous

November 27, 2014


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, it's the battle of the people eaters. Chupacabra-like beasts of 2005's Feast face off against the 1999 characters in Ravenous, who portray mid-19th century soldiers battling their desire for human flesh. Which fate is worse? Dying at the hands of a brutal monster, designed to hunt and kill humans, or at the hands of your fellow man? Judge Darren Ewing presides once again to make the determination. During the case, the crew takes you through the basics of the films, laying out their arguments in strategic fashion, while peppering in arbitrary facts about bears.

Next month Horror in the Court will put Christmas spirit on trial as Silent Night, Deadly Night gets pitted against Jack Frost to determine which film successfully taints the memory of our most beloved holiday characters.

Docket #01: Troll v. Smiley

November 1, 2014


Are the trolls of ancient legend and fairy tales more menacing and relevant, or will the Internet trolls of the 21st century emerge victorious? Judge Darren Ewing hears expert arguments on both sides as Jeremiah Johnson argues the case of 1986's Troll, and Scott Baer debates on the side of 2012's Smiley, in this inaugural episode of Horror in the Court.

The original Troll movie (not to mistaken with the non-sequel Troll 2 starring our own Judge Ewing) is a tale of a wizard-turned-troll that possesses the form of a young girl as he attempts to turn the world into a Troll universe. It is directed by John Carl Buechler and stars Noah Hathaway of Neverending Story Fame (ATREYU!) as the Harry Potter, Jr., 11-years before J.K. Rowling's boy wizard character of the same name. Other notables are Julia Louis Dreyfus, best known as Elaine from Seinfeld, and Sonny Bono.

Smiley, directed by Michael J. Gallagher, contains a young cast of fresh-faced actors and is a 4Chan-inspired story of a band of Internet trolls and an urban legend killer called Smiley.

Which troll will prevail?

Be sure to come back next month when Judge Ewing will hear the case of Ravenous v. Feast, a battle of the people eaters!